Finding the Value in Content

Posted on August 28th, 2009 at 1:03 pm by lmoulton


The meaning of knowledge management has morphed and evolved to a point of irrelevance. A group in which I am an active player, the Boston KM Forum, has been operating for about seven years without a clear definition and we welcome anyone who wants to or does have a professional role in which knowledge related activities are a component or interest. That means that just about anyone can participate in our very far-reaching discussions and meetings. To stay away from the “meaning” question, we pretty much roll all of our programs in a simple KM theme or a leveraging knowledge theme and leave the semantics of the term knowledge management to the true philosophers.

My own tag line for my consulting practice is “Dedicated to Preserving the Value in Enterprise Knowledge through Process Analysis and Implementation.” When I really think about the various cases on which I work, there is more analysis of content and the experts who produce it than the preservation process or implementation of technology to leverage content and expertise. What this comes down to is the spirit of my work, which always aims to build a better framework for leveraging knowledge, using the most appropriate tools and practices. Sometime we bring the knowledge seeker a better method for finding, technology for organizing or understanding the knowledge or expertise that is available for them to leverage. However, the pace of technology makes it an ongoing challenge for me and my clients to sustain anyone’s focus long enough to achieve a useful lasting outcome.

My new focus is to quickly audit and map content for clients with simple tagging to define the value it holds. If my classifications are targeted to business problems that are recognizable, moving to the next stage of placing it in a knowledge worker’s personal workflow for easy discovery might just be a shorter route to leveraging knowledge.