About L W Moulton

Lynda Moulton consults on taxonomies, enterprise concept mapping, conducts knowledge audits and guides enterprises on technology tools and methods for leveraging knowledge. Lynda is also the Lead Analyst for Enterprise Search at the Gilbane Group. She has over 30 years of experience with search and content technologies. After working as a technical librarian at Union Carbide Corp., she was at Arthur D. Little’s Energy Economics Group, and then founded Comstow Information Services in 1980 where she led the development of the BiblioTech┬« applications for enterprise content management including search. Lynda is now a leader in the Boston Knowledge Management Forum, which holds semi-monthly meeting in the greater-Boston area.

Lynda is widely published and a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars. Her current thinking and research commentary on search can be seen at: http://gilbane.com/search_blog/ and other projects and writings are at http://www.lwmtechnology.com.

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