»Philosophy of Knowledge«

Legitimate Power Requires Knowledge

May 6, 2013


Power without knowledge is illegitimate and we have too much of that kind of power in our most important institutions.

What We Know and How We Use It

July 20, 2010


However, I believe that it is worth examining our own use and sharing of knowledge on a regular basis to continually refine and clarify our own ethical and moral practices within any community where we operate....Leadership of single individuals, even at very low functional levels, who have been able to accrue a following through their moral authority can make a difference.

Ideas are the Intangible Forces of Knowledge

February 3, 2010


Access to tangible representations of others ideas, research results, shared facts and experiences is enriching. It is this access that enhances my ability to contemplate innovative applications of discovered content to individuals’, local and global problems. In my work and situations where deep Web access is needed to round out my research on a topic, I am confident that I can, by paying the entrance price, reach any commercially published content that I need.

Finding the Value in Content

August 28, 2009


When I really think about the various cases on which I work, there is more analysis of content and the experts who produce it than the preservation process or implementation of technology to leverage content and expertise. What this comes down to is the spirit of my work, which always aims to build a better framework for leveraging knowledge, using the most appropriate tools and practices.