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Harvard, Mass., March 25, 2002 — Lynda Moulton today announced the launch of consulting firm LWM Technology Services in Harvard, Massachusetts. A longtime player in the field of software development for corporate libraries and technical information management, Ms. Moulton seeks to partner with IT executives in R & D companies where knowledge management is a key element for success. “IT managers are overwhelmed with the array of technology possibilities for helping their companies get a handle on corporate knowledge assets,” states Ms. Moulton, “and LWM Technology brings a unique and needed perspective to their processes.”
Ms. Moulton goes on to say that IT managers are required to focus their computer science expertise on evaluating hardware, operating systems, and network infrastructure. But unlike computer science, information science is the application of technology to diverse and unique documents and files. LWM Technology Services differs from the typical systems consulting firm by supporting IT in its search for and implementation of solutions based on information science technologies for knowledge resources.
LWM Technology Services provides collaborative support for IT initiatives that are grounded in vast information repositories. The computer technologist needs professional backup in understanding the nature of text information resources, content publishers and providers, and how knowledge is best deployed for all knowledge users. Unfortunately, the nature of information creation and dissemination is very messy. It needs professional attention to become used and useful. Ms. Moulton notes that “companies have been focused on where information is located, filed and archived, but few understand that logical organization of the actual content is an entirely different discipline, one to which library and information science professionals devote their careers.”
In 1980 Lynda Moulton founded one of Massachusetts’ first software companies, Comstow Information Services. Pioneering in the field of automation for corporate, legal and government libraries, the company maintained a high level of recognition in the niche market of corporate research and technical libraries. Clients included Ford Motor Company, Raytheon, Pfizer and Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia. Using Comstow’s BiblioTech software these organizations managed large databases of technical and business information for scientific and engineering staff.
In 1999 Ms. Moulton and the BiblioTech PRO product joined Inmagic, Inc. of Woburn, Mass. After a transitional period at Inmagic, she is returning to work with computer technologists on the tough issues of information technology. During twenty years of managing a corporation, overseeing product development, and working in and for major R & D companies, Ms. Moulton has developed an array of knowledge management models for clients. She expects LWM to be involved in everything from helping organizations get more out of existing systems, to finding and coaching personnel to build valuable database content.
To learn more about LWM Technology Services, visit their Web site at http://www.lwmtechnology.com/ or send e-mail to Lynda Moulton at lmoulton@lwmtechnology.com

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