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Typical Short and Long-term Engagements

Short-term projects are normally executed in one to four months with the principal work performed on site at the contracting organization. Candidate projects include:

  • Intellectual Property Audits: research records, laboratory notebooks, and other assets needed to support patenting process

  • Taxonomy analysis and taxonomy development program definition and guidelines
  • Data normalization analysis/Data migration specification development
  • Training program implementation for indexing and taxonomy builders
  • Software product application integration and implementation process design analysis
  • Data migration and data sharing analysis; process design

Long-term projects of several months duration include:
  • Content management project development and implementation oversight
  • Content management software evaluation, selection and implementation oversight
  • Search and categorization technology analysis and usability studies
  • Business process procedures development, documentation and training programs
  • Specialized staffing needs analysis for information and knowledge management projects

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