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Press Coverage and Quotations for Lynda W. Moulton, Principal, LWM Technology Services

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Business Management & Leadership

Wingfield, Nick. Microsoft Pursues Enterprise Search. The Wall Street Journal Online, 01/08/2008, 1p. Moulton comments on Microsoft play to compete with google on enterprise search and the FAST acquisiton as one for quick market share. (subscribers only)

Content Management & Metadata

Clarkson, Mark. Effective enterprise search strategy more than a technology problem. TechTarget; Search Content Management, March, 2012. Quotes Lynda Moulton on the need for quality metadat to ensure quality enterprise search.

Knowledge Management

Jander, Mary. Collaboration & Search: Refining Expectations. Internet Evolution, 8/27/2009 Quotes Lynda Moulton and includes 9 comments.

Jackson, Jasper.Twitter at crossroads as growth stalls, StrategyEye, June 11, 2009. Quotes Lynda Moulton on Twitter adoption.

Lamont, Judith. Finding Experts -- explicit and implicit. KMWorld, 05/25/2006, 3p. Quotes Lynda Moulton on social network analysis.

Lamont, Judith. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT at Your Service: New Solutions and Sources for Librarians. Searcher Magazine, January 1, 2004. Quotes Lynda Moulton.

Rozwell, Carol. KM, Schma-em. Gartner Blog Network. Nov. 4, 2011


Boulton, Clint. Vivisimo Marries Search, Social Networking. eWeek, 10/08/2007, 1p..

Byrne, Tony.Enterprise Search Is Not Dead. The Intelligent Enterprise Weblog, 01/24/2007, 1p. References Lynda Moulton's Gilbane Enterprise Search Blog

Chickowski, Ericka. Enterprise Search Just Not There Yet. Baseline, 06/20/2008, 2p. References Lynda Moulton and the Gilbane Report: Enterprise Search Markets and Applications.

Chickowki, Ericka. Understanding Semantic Web Technologies. Baseline, 08/05/2008, 4p. Quotes Lynda Moulton on Semantic Search.

Hane, Paula J. Former FAST Exec Launches New Software Venture—Attivio, Inc. Information Today, 01/31/2008, 2p. Comments by Lynda Moulton on Attivio.

Hobbie, David. Lynda Moulton on Social Search. Caselines: Blog, 10/17/2007, 3p.

Horwitt, Elisabeth. The semantic Web gets down to business. Computerworld, 02/22/2011. Moulton comments on page 3 of 4.

Jackson, Jasper. Yahoo! tests real-time search StrategyEye, 11/4/2009. Moulton comments on OneRiot.

Kelly, Jeff Enterprise search engine business case relies on numbers – and more SearchContentManagement.com. 10/05/2011

Kelly, Jeff. Who should own enterprise search software projects? Not an easy call. SearchContentManagement.com. 03/15/2011

Korzeniowski, Paul. Sorting Out Microsoft's Mixed-Up Enterprise Search Strategy. Redmond Magazine, 07/05/2011, 2p. Moulton comments on FAST.

Lamont, Judith. Search evolves to solve business problems.pp 12 -14. KMWorld. 04/2011 Moulton comments on Planning for Search.

Miller, Ron. Semantic search could be further than it seems. FierceContentManagement, 02/21/2011. 1p. [At the Gilbane Conference in Boston last December, Gilbane analyst Linda Moulton talked about some of the challenges facing semantic search adoption. Trying to get a computer to do what Watson did is an extremely difficult undertaking...]

Miller, Ron. Semantic Search takes root in the enterprise. Medford, NJ: InfoToday: IN Enterprise search sourcebook 2008, 09/2008, pp. 42-45

Miller, Ron. Unlock the power of enterprise search; keeping business afloat. EContent, 05/2009, 29p. Moulton comments on semantic search.

Sears, Don. Are Disparate Systems Seeking Unified, Enterprise Search? Baseline, 07/18/2008, 1p. References Lynda Moulton and the Gilbane Report, Enterprise Search Markets and Applications.

Willis, Lynsey. Enterprise search. Business Plus, 12/2008, 2p. Interview with Lynda Moulton commenting on "Google is great for web searches but what if you want to search for information and data across your computer systems?" (subscribers only)

Revving Up Search Engines in the Enterprise, an interview with Lynda Moulton by Business Trends Quarterly, Business Intelligence, Q1 2008

Zaino, Jennifer. Good Guidance on Why, and How, to Get Semantic Software Technologies Into Your Enterprise, SemanticWeb.com, September 24, 2010.


Making data more usable through semantic search. DigitalNowBlog, 08/25/2008, 1p. Moulton comments on taxonomy and ontology

Note: see also Search/Retrieval for reports with significant content on taxonomies/thesauri/onotologies, particularly semantic technologies

Press Releases

January 2, 2007 - Lynda Moulton begins affiliation with The Gilbane Group

December 2, 2002 - Consultant opens doors to KMPro in New England

March, 2002 - Launch of LWM Technology Services




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