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Areas of Industry Experience

Where information management projects are particularly dependent on industry expertise LWM has worked in these vertical markets:

Defense contractors, electronics, aerospace, communications, and naval operations. Management of classified documents, taxonomy, indexing and categorization

Energy companies, petroleum exploration and refining, hydro and nuclear power plants, alternative energy development including solar, photovoltaic, wind, biomass, fuel cells and electrochemical devices. Development of taxonomy, ontology and metadata management schemas.

Materials science, carbon and graphite materials, fiber composites, ceramics, and materials science applications. Taxonomy development and metadata management.

Public and international policy particularly energy resource development, and environmental issues. Collection development, content acquisition, resource evaluation, search and research.

Chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical including familiarity with technical research sources, document and records management issues related to regulatory approval processes. Content and records management system implementations.

Software: DBMS technology, search and retrieval products, categorization systems, text indexing tools, thesaurus and taxonomy development, library and document management systems, records management, data conversion and data normalization.

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